October 17th, 2009

What’s Cooking Friday



Tonight’s dinner took 2.5 hours to make from start to finish, although I could have added even longer time in the simmering of the sauce. Maybe I will next time. I made homemade tagliatelle and topped it with ragù alla bolognese. The sauce consists of a longer simmer of carrots, scallions, porcini mushrooms, garlic, sugar, salt, pepper, roasted tomatoes, red wine, whole milk, pancetta, ground sirloin, pork and veal. I also added some red pepper flakes. Sounds like a lot? It is. I saved time with prep work by using my tiny food processor to do a fine dice of the carrots, scallions and mushrooms. Assembling does take a little bit of time, but most of it is in just letting it simmer for a long time. That leaves plenty of time to make the tagliatelle.

I also made banana bread today while I was doing all of this. I had three very ripe bananas that I set aside for the task. I explained to Jay why he couldn’t eat them, and he said, “That’s not bread! That’s bananas! Silly mommy!” I showed him. Bazinga!

I need to keep my eyes open for sales at Target or Pier 1 to find cheap dishes for the purpose of taking photos. Most people by now have figured out that I have red ceramic dishes aside from the Christmas dishes which I never use unless I’m feeding tons of people during Christmas. This is an example of a photo that would have benefited from a different colored dish.