October 18th, 2009

What’s Cooking Saturday



Dinner was leftovers of last night. Fresh pasta even reheats well*. Fresh pasta is definitely a win over store-bought dried pasta. For this type of meal, I’m going to roll it one or two thinner than I did. The noodle thickness was perfect for something like chicken and noodles, but I thought a little too thick for this. I’m also going to start mixing flours.

Leftovers aren’t really worth a post, but that isn’t all that I cooked today. Since Mac and I are stuck at home with kids, I spent the evening making two loaves of molasses bread so Ada can once again consuming pb&j sammiches. She loves them and have been out of bread this past week, so she had to go without. I cut open and roasted of our Shaake’s pumpkins. I have four baking, three teeny ones that will get painted, and one big carving pumpkin that we will either carve or I will convince Mac to let me use that as well for puree. The fresh stuff is better than the canned. I love the fall squashes. I’m on a hunt for some butternut next.

This round of puree is going to be turned into a pumpkin and shrimp bisque for dinner tomorrow. I need to make shrimp stock. I’m trying to decide whether I want to do that tonight or tomorrow morning. We have plans for most of tomorrow afternoon. If I get the stock done tonight, then dinner tomorrow will be pretty quick.

The seeds are in the oven now for snacks. I’m hoping that they survive until tomorrow. I really like pepitas. I should try some different varieties this year, but I’m so fond of just salt and pepper. I used the 4 pepper blend from Pensey’s.

Also made tonight, but baked tomorrow are lemon ginger bagel. Mainly because I opened my last zip lock of high-gluten flour** and there was a little more than 5 lbs in it, so it didn’t all fit in my storage container. I just had to use it for something. I also have the bagel recipe worked out. I can get 8 5-ish oz bagels out of it and my 425-watt mixer doesn’t smell like it is burning out. Bagels have a tough dough.

And yes, now that I’ve eaten two handful of the now done seeds, I can say that there probably won’t be any left tomorrow.

*On the stove

**Mac picked up a 25lb bag at Costco. We split it up into zip lock bags, put the bags in some of my rising buckets and put those in the freezer. My container can only hold 5lbs at a time. I just emptied out the last of that 25lb bag. Time for another one!

Beware all who enter



Actually, just don’t come to my house. Jay had a rough night last night. He came and found me around midnight, wanting to sleep in the living room. I put him on the end of the couch and I took the other end. He drifted in and out of sleep, whining and crying. I played the PS3. Then he wanted to lie by me, so I hauled him up to adjust him by me, and he was wicked hot. I took his temp and it was 102.9. I gave him Tylenol and set his bed up on the loveseat. He continued to drift in and out of sleep, crying and whining. I got about 1.5 hours all night. I finally picked him up and sat in the recliner with him. He continued to drift in and out of sleep, but at least stopped crying. That didn’t help me sleep though. His fever went down for awhile, but came back up to 102.7. I handed him off to Mac around 7:30 and went downstairs to get some sleep in the guest room.

His fever is still persisting, and he doesn’t want to eat food. That is not a good sign. Ada insists that she has a fever, but she is acting like herself and will eat. Mac took her temp and it said it was 99.9. I took her temp and it said that it was 95.7. We had a benefit at Ada’s school today. It would have been fun–music, games, rides, and food. Her class made butter to go with the cinnamon rolls. We aren’t going, or at least, I decided not to take her and leave Jay here with Mac. Ada insists that she is sick and wants to stay home.

We are home for the day. I just took the bagels out of the oven. Since we are home for the day, I’m trying to decide if I want to bake some more or head downstairs to do some work. Actually, I should take a nap because if Jay has another bad night, I will be the one that has to stay up with him. I have a ton of apples that I intend to make into apple butter. I have to run to the store first because I’ve baked myself out of some spices.