October 21st, 2009

Wave Strainer Win!



The wave strainer did a lovely job with the pumpkin puree. Water on the bottom, thick pumpkin puree on the top. You can do the same with cheesecloth and a fine mesh strainer, but this takes up less room in the fridge, has a lid, and you don’t have to use cheesecloth. This was recommended and gifted to me by a friend. It is a fabulous tool, and I used it with non-fat yogurt to make yo-cheese (just really, really thick yogurt, more so than greek) which I use as a replacement for not only greek yogurt, but also sour cream. I put more pumpkin in there this morning. If you like to cook, you should buy one.

Jay did great, until probably around 4:00pm. He started getting really grumpy, so I told him to lie down on his pillow. He didn’t have a nap, so I wasn’t surprised that he fell asleep pretty quickly. He had gone all day without a fever or Tylenol. Mac came home and took his temperature and it was over 100 again. Drats. He’s fine again this morning. Mine was it’s normal 97.8 this morning, but is now 99. I’ll live and still manage to do some cleaning. I just feel tired and would rather sleep.

What’s Cooking Wednesday



Tonight is pumpkin ravioli w/ a brown butter sage sauce. I wouldn’t have minded a salad, but when I went to gather the children for a run to the store, I found Jay asleep. I am almost not up to making anything, but I’m uninspired without any defrosted meat, tofu or fresh veges. Even taking the easy route and making homemade pizza is out because I’m out of seasoning for the sauce. Enchiladas sound good too, but no tortillas. What I do have is a good amount of pumpkin, some fresh sage and the ability to make pasta.

Maybe that’s what I should request for our anniversary: a tortilla press. I know you can do them by hand, but um, why? I think a 8-inch cast iron press would be a lovely addition to my kitchen. And this waffle maker. Okay, maybe I’ll see if I can do it with a rolling pin, and if not, then I’ll hunt for a press. I already own the rolling pin.