Stuology (stuology_rss) wrote,

Really, this *is* my life

So, I was sitting in the living room and I said, “It sure is nice that Ada and Jay are playing so well together.” Would you like to guess how many cotton swabs were in the dresser drawers? They both got to help pick this mess up. Then I had them do the same with all the items they dragged into the living room. I was impressed by the job they did until I went downstairs to put the bagels in the extra fridge for the night. Apparently “clean up the living room” to Jay means “throw everything down the stairs.” I felt like I was maneuvering through an elaborate booby trap, hoping that the worst would just be me dropping the container of bagels. Ada cleaned that up today-most of it. She did great considering I didn’t have to ask her, she just did it. That is a rarity. I guess if I want them to put their things away, I just need to throw it down the stairs.

Jay is still sick, running a fever consistently around 102. He’s been sleeping off and on, whining and crying. He finally ate a little in the evening, asking for popcorn. Mac rummaged for the microwave variety. I told him that we had regular popcorn in the pantry. He claims that the last time he tried to pop it on a stove, he started a fire. I gladly popped some on a empty burner while I was making dinner.

Dinner tonight was a pumpkin with shrimp bisque. Seafood dishes keep you on track when making meals. You pretty much need to cook it as soon as you get it. I made a stock using the shells and the occasional tail tip that came from the shrimp. My next pumpkin dish is going to be a pumpkin and sage ravioli with a brown butter sauce–a pretty typical combo. I’m also going to try a lentil, roasted pumpkin and goat cheese salad and a pumpkin spice bagel. Ada thinks I’m silly because they sing The Pumpkin on the Vine at school, and it clearly says that mother bakes pumpkin pie and not soup. Pumpkin pie isn’t bad, but we will get our fill of the traditional pie for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Unless I think of something unique to do, I’m passing on the pie. I do love my orange spice pumpkin bread recipe though. I’d gladly do quick bread. Or cheesecake. Or a pumpkin dump cake, which is OMG, really rich and really yummy. I’m not going to head out to Shaake’s again, but luckily Hy-Vee has Shaake pumpkins. That’s one reason I like that store. They carry local and regional food.

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