Stuology (stuology_rss) wrote,

He’s Baaaaack

Jay fell asleep last night a little before 1:00am. He only woke up twice crying, so for the most part, I got almost 6 hours of sleep! That’s much better than the 1.5 hours of sleep that I got in about 20 minute intervals.

He still had an over 102 fever last around 10:30. He was overdue a couple of hours for another dose of Tylenol. About an hour later, it was down to 100 and I was able to get him to drink some juice and share a bagel. Then he lay* on the floor babbling. I was pretty sure he was delirious. All of the sudden, he was quite. I looked over at him, and he was asleep. I gave him a quick feel on the forehead, and he was cold. Awesome. I covered him and slept beside him. His temperature this morning was 98.5. I was sitting in my room, and he came in, peeked around the door, turned off the light, and ran off. A bit later, he came back in and said, “Goodnight!” and shut the door. I went out about 15 minutes later and he had the entire contents of my purse spread on the living room floor.

So yeah, Jay feels fine.


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