Stuology (stuology_rss) wrote,

What’s Cooking Monday

Tonight’s meal is sort of a mish-mash of things. I have leftover ginger applesauce that I made while back that needs to be eaten. I’m going to cook a whole chicken on the grill because the weather is beautiful for grilling. I’m doing beer can chicken, except with soda because I only have bottled beer. The taste of the beer is never reflected in the meat when I cook this, but the moisture keeps the meat juicy. I was amazed the first time I did it. I think I have Diet Coke in the house from some function we had. If not, there is one Dr Pepper. I put the chicken in a brine with liquid smoke and Turkish seasoning. Then I let it air dry for awhile in the fridge. I oil it up, rub it all over with more Turkish seasoning and pop it on the grill. I turn the burner underneath the chicken off, but leave the side ones on high. The entire chicken cooks in about 40 minutes. It’s about 500-600 inside the grill when it cooks. Then I’m going to saute some late season corn with butter, salt, pepper, shallots and bacon. So, it doesn’t really all gel together, but whatever. All three are good.

I have two more pumpkins in the oven roasting now. I love roasting the seeds with just salt and pepper, but for these seeds, I’m going to try the three way. I have four more pumpkins, so if I don’t like any of these it’s no loss. I have lots of seeds. Plus I have one very large carving pumpkin. Lots and lots of seeds. I had Ada stick her hand in one of the pumpkins. She did surprisingly good, hesitant at first but warmed up to full on squishing of pumpkin innards. She took four of the seeds and planted them somewhere in the back yard, probably in the same place she planted the dried blueberries, almonds and basil leaves*.

*I also caught her transplanting my entire basil plant. I couldn’t believe it. Since it was the end of the season and soon to die in the frost, I just let her carry on. She them transplanted it back to my herb container, and it didn’t die. There you go, Raintree at work**.

**They have gardens at Raintree, so part of their “recess” is planting and taking care of flowers. They also have a nice relaxing waterfall. And a pond with paddle boats. I love this school.

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