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What’s Cooking Thursday

Last night I couldn’t sleep. There was no caffeine in that dish I made yesterday, but I was still awake a little after 3:00am. That’s the last time I looked at the clock. It made 7:00am a painful experience.

Ada was upset this morning because she was pretty sure the slumber party on Friday was tonight, and she didn’t calm down until I explained it to her in terms she understood: She can stop being grumpy and talking back and go to a slumber party tomorrow or she can continue to talk back and whine and the slumber party will be never. After I dropped her off at her classroom, I found out that the slumber party has been canceled because of the sickness that Jay has is sweeping through the school. The afternoon class only had 5 kids there, and I think that 6 are sick in Ada’s. Anyhow, now I get to deal with telling her that there will be no slumber party.

I was calling Jay’s preschool because I’m keeping him home today and tomorrow because even though he is fine most of the day, fever free and without Tylenol, the fever comes back in the afternoon. I hung up talking to them just in time for Jay to throw up on me. Fabulous.

I had a meeting in KC tonight, and Mac found out last minute that he has to travel out of town today for work and won’t be home in time for me to leave. After Jay spewed on me, I just decided to cancel and not bother to keep trying to find a babysitter. Mac gets to take a one day trip to Hutchinson, KS. That’s 7 hours of just driving. It will be a close call on whose day will be worse.

Oh, yeah, cooking. I’m making a chicken enchilada casserole. I did restock my masa harina. I also bought tortillas. Today is not the day for effort. I’m just boiling and shredding chicken and then cooking it with some chilis, spices, verde sauce, yo cheese and onions and then layering it lasagna style, topping it with monterrey jack cheese and sticking it in the oven. Casseroles for the win. My effort is going to be saved for peeling a gazillion apples.

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